Perpetual training and knowledge management available at the click of a mouse.

Pharmacy Manager is powerful medication inventory management software. It’s also a source of intuitive, self-guided training materials and a destination for discovering software-specific knowledge.

eLearning Training and Knowledge Center

Studies suggest that after 6 days, people forget 75 percent of training material. Effective learning builds on existing knowledge, making practice essential to comprehension and retention.

In Pharmacy Manager, pharmacy staff experience:

  • Video clips to see how tasks are executed within the software
  • Quizzes to encourage the user’s brain to recall information and put it in sequence
  • Interactive tools to build comprehension and confidence in software operation
  • A strong reference source for looking up tactical instruction on how to complete discrete tasks

Your pharmacy staff’s readiness is essential to fully utilizing Pharmacy Manager inventory management software. Rely on Swisslog Healthcare to keep pharmacy empowered and workflow moving.

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